Shotglass stud dogs are outstanding examples of the breed and are proven in the show ring as well as the hunt field.   Each stud dog must be healthy, sound of body, and they must have outstanding dispositions.

*No stud dogs available at his time*

Little Eden Intensity 

(Reference Sire)


13.5" Tricolor Rough Coat   Breeder: Michelle Ward  Owner: Michelle Ward/Cristen Hand

Photo Credit: Michelle Ward

Intensity is so smoothly put together and moves so beautifully it'll raise the hair on your arms just to watch him.   Even better, this youngster has already shown us he wants to be a serious hunting dog- "Ten" looks like his granddam "Fang" and we think he'll work like her as well.   Add to that an always happy, good natured and easy to be around personality we think Intensity has all the makings of something very special!-as spoken by Michelle Ward



  • Best Open Terrier, SWJRTN Fall Festival, 2011
  • Best Open Terrier, Gunnison Grand Terrier Faire, 2011
  • Reserve Champion Field Course, Gunnison Grand Terrier Faire, 2011
  • Best Open Terrier, Magnolia Classic II, 2009
  • JRTCA National Res. Open Terrier, 2009
  • JRTCC National Res. Open Terrier, 2009
  • Best Open Terrier, Jacks On the James II, 2009
  • Best Open Terrier, Northgate II, 2009
  • Best Open Terrier, JRTRO, 2009
  • Best Open Dog and Lure Course Champion, JRTCC, 2009
  • Best Open Terrier, Buckeye II, 2009
  • Best Open Terrier, Yankee I & II, 2009
  • JRTCC National Puppy Champion, 2008
  • Puppy Champion, Northgate I & II, 2008
  • Puppy Champion, Sunny Hill I, 2008
  • Puppy Champion, Liberty Bell I & II, 2008
  • Puppy Champion, Huntington Hunt, 2008
  • Puppy Champion, Russell Rescue, 2008
  • Puppy Champion, Yankee I, 2008

Sire- Little Eden Strut                                               Dam- Little Eden Rendezvous

strut2                                 TenDam

Ten and His Kids


Ten and Ty, Fall 2010